Marching Band

The Marching Band, including Color Guard, performs during first semester at football games, at area marching competitions (4-6 events), and in local parades. Students must attend a summer band camp (one week of which may be held at an out-of-town venue) which takes place prior to the beginning of school. Students must make a major time commitment for rehearsals and performances during first quarter of fall semester. All members must participate in after-school rehearsals during the school week. Once registered, no member may withdraw without Director and Principal approval. Students who do not fulfill this obligation will receive an “X” for the quarter.

Color Guard is by audition and only meets first quarter. Auditions will take place during the previous spring semester. Color Guard members will receive gym credit for their participation in the marching band. Unlike other members of the band, guard members do not have to play a band instrument, and therefore do not have to be part of Senior Band to participate. They are required to participate in additional rehearsals and training, however.

The Marching Blue and Gold has developed an outstanding reputation for musical excellence. Its members should expect to work hard to continue pursuit of that excellence. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility to themselves and their fellow band members, as well as the school, their parents, peers, and audience members. The benefits gained from this experience can last a lifetime. Friendships are made, forged, and strengthened; not only on the student level, but also among parents who become involved in the program. Students learn more than just music and how to bring an audience to their feet. They learn about discipline, respect, goal oriented achievements, positive motivation, and how to work in a group. All of these skills are necessary and vital life/career skills, which the student will be able to draw upon later in life.

Students who wish to participate in Marching Band will enroll in either Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble. During the fall season (roughly half the first semester), they will be part of the Marching Band, and continue in one of the indoor bands after Marching Band season is over.

Specifics about credit and prerequisites will be found under Senior Band and Wind Ensemble listings.

Pay to Particpate Costs: Anticipated marching band costs are not to exceed $500 which includes a $60 registration, $25 uniforms as well as personal marching items (shoes, gloves, etc.), and covers all band camp expenses as well. All percussionists and color-guard members will pay an additional $65 to cover equipment use.

For more information about participation requirements & procedures, including the handbook, fee schedules, practice & performance calendar, and current announcements, please go to the Marching Band website: Performance Attire: Marching uniforms and summer polos are provided as part of band Pay to Participate Costs; students purchase black shoes & white gloves for their own use, provide crew length black socks (mandatory), and beige khaki chinos to use with the polos. (Students usually also elect to purchase (optional) hoodies, which each section designs and arranges to have printed).

Gym Credit: Participation in Marching Band for two years can fulfill one semester of the gym requirement for high school graduation.
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