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Walnut Hills High School

Cap & Gown Pick-Up and Graduation Parade Schedule

Cap and Gown Pick-up & Textbook Return

Date: May 26th 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Location: Blair Circle

Cap and gown pick-up and senior textbook collection will be broken up into two groups according to last names.

Group one will be students with last names beginning A-K. This group will arrive at 11:00 am.

  • There will be several tables placed around the circle. Students are to head to the table according to last names. Please make sure they are respecting social distancing throughout the pick-up process. Students are also expected to wear masks and take their temperature before leaving the house. If any student has a fever they are not to come to the school.
  • We are also collecting senior textbooks so we are asking this is first group of students to follow this simple procedure. Upon arriving to school, students with last names beginning A-G, are to drop off their textbooks prior to picking up their cap and gown in the Junior High Gym.  After dropping off their books, they can then go and pick up their cap and gown from Blair Circle.
  • Students with last names beginning H-K are to report to Blair Circle first, pick up their cap and gown then take their textbooks into the Junior High Gym.

Group two will be students with last names beginning L-Z. They will report to school beginning at 12:15 pm. Please do not come earlier as we are trying to maintain proper social distancing with each group.

  • Students L-S are to report to the Junior High Gym for textbook return first then pick-up their cap and gown in Blair Circle. Students T-Z will pick up their cap and gown in Blair Circle first then drop off their textbooks in the Junior High Gym.

Note:  If you have not ordered a cap and gown yet, Graduate Service will be bringing extra on the 26th. The cost is $80 and they can only accept cash. However, if you want to call their office between now and the 26th, you can pre-order with a credit card and pick it up on the 26th.

Graduation Parade Schedule

Date: May 30th 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Location: Walnut Hills

We will be staggering the graduates throughout the day based on last name. It is imperative that everyone follow the schedule and arrive to their designated parking lot 30 MINUTES PRIOR to the beginning of your parade time. Diplomas will be grouped by time slot and we want to make sure that every senior gets their diploma in a timely fashion.

Please take the following safety precautions...

  • Temperatures should be taken before leaving the house, if anyone has a fever please do not report. We will mail the diploma to the graduate.
  • We recommend masks be worn by everyone at all times.

Note:  Timing is extremely important, please be in your designated parking lot 30minutesprior to the beginning of your parade time 

Parade Start Times and Designated Parking Lots:

11 am-12 pm Last name A-D report and park in Lot A

12 pm-1 pm Last name E-I report and park in Lower Lot D and Upper Lot D

1 pm-2 pm Last name J-N report and park in Lot C

2 pm-3 pm Last name O-S report and park in Lot A

3 pm-4 pm Last name T-Z report and park in Lower Lot D and Upper Lot D

Each group will be brought from their designated lot through to Blair Circle with the help of our security staff and the Cincinnati Police Department.

As each group is brought through to Blair Circle, each car will drive to Mr. Chambers, their name will be announced via speakers, and Mr. Chambers will hand the diploma to the graduate. Graduates must remain in the vehicle at all times.

Please Note: There can only be one car per graduate

I know this is a time for family celebration, but we have 488 graduates so please respect the one car only rule. We will be streaming the parade live on YouTube so that extended family and friends can watch. The YouTube link will be published on the website prior to graduation.

US News - America's Best High Schools - Ranked 65th in USA and awarded Gold Medal status.
Newsweek - America's Best High Schools 2010 - Walnut Hills Ranked 66th in USA and #1 in Ohio!