Everything You Need to Know and Do for Fall Sports

  1. Read "Everything You Need to Know and Do for Fall Sports," which is linked below, with special attention to your sport's date for completing the on-line registration and having a valid OHSAA Sports Physical, details on the start date for tryouts or first practice, and contact information for the coach.
  2. Register On-Line before the day your sport starts. It's mandatory to register on-line. Click Here to register on-line. 
    1. All incoming 7th and 9th graders will have final forms accounts created by the district at the end of July.
  3. Have a valid OHSAA Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form (also known as the Sports Physical).
    • We cannot accept any other form.
    • It is good for one year from the date of the exam.
      • Do I Still Have a Valid Sports Physical?
        • Check your account on Final Forms, all physical expiration dates are documented there. Not sure how to do this? Email Shay right away at 
    • How Do I Get a Sports Physical Done?
      • Download the Form, see below.
      • Go to a medical provider who can complete the Form. 
        • Your family physician. Make sure you schedule early enough to have it before tryouts.
        • Anyone of the growing number of clinics who do these exams. Bring your Form with you and most/all of these clinics can do them same day, no wait, no appointment.
          • “Little Clinics” at many Krogers, any Urgent Care, “Take Care Clinics” at many Walgreen’s and the like.

          ***Make and keep your own copy of your Sports Physical. That way if we did not receive it from your child or we cannot find it, you can give us a copy of your copy. The risk of the Sports Physical not being turned in by your child or us not finding it rests with the parents. That means we must have a valid Sport Physical for your child before they will be permitted to tryout or practice with a team and if we cannot find your's you will need to give us a copy or have it re-done at your expense.


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