Optioning Process 2019-2020


The optioning process is changing a little bit this year. There are several important steps to the optioning process that need to be completed for your student to successfully select their courses for next year:

  • The paper optioning form
  • Optioning for all first choice courses online through PowerSchool
  • For the courses that require approval, the students must also access a link that will be posted on Naviance and Schoology that includes a course description, prerequisites, and a link where they will request the class. It is vital that the students follow all the instructions listed within the course description.
  • Once they click the link to request approval they will be required to sign into their CPS Google account to complete a Google Form. Students will only need to fill out one Google form per department. For instance, if your student would like to request English 9AA and Journalism Production – they would only need to fill out the English Google form once.
  • It is very important that your student list on the Google Form and on their paper optioning form an alternate course they would like to take in case they are not approved for their first choice class.
  • Once online optioning closes, teachers will make decisions about which students will be approved for their course.
  • In March, your student will receive a list of the courses they have successfully optioned for. Their alternate class will appear if they were not approved for the class they initially requested. They will review these course requests with you and return by March 21 with any errors or corrections.

Once students receive their final 2019-2020 schedule, all courses are considered final. 


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