Modern World Languages and Culture

Modern World Languages and CultureThe Modern World Languages Department seeks to develop students as global citizens by building their world language proficiencies and their understanding of diverse cultures.

We seek to provide students with a strong understanding of the nuances of language and culture and of how they relate to cross-cultural understanding. Our goal is to develop the students’ speaking , listening, reading and writing proficiencies in the context of analyzing authentic audio and print sources, both non-fiction and fiction. We hope to instill in students a lifelong love for learning about languages and cultures which differ from their own.

Modern World Languages and Culture Staff

Erin Fite - Spanish Teacher
Erin Fite
Spanish Teacher
Room: 1608
Doreena Fox - French Teacher
Doreena Fox
French Teacher
Room: 2609
Johanka Hart-Tompkins - Russian and German Teacher
Johanka Hart-Tompkins
Russian and German Teacher
Room: 2611
Yanping Ji - Chinese Teacher
Yanping Ji
Chinese Teacher
Room: 1606
Keith Maddox - Spanish Teacher
Keith Maddox
Spanish Teacher
Room: 1607
Shannon Montiel - Spanish Teacher
Shannon Montiel
Spanish Teacher
Room: Traveling
Elizabeth Owens - Spanish Teacher
Elizabeth Owens
Spanish Teacher
Room: Traveling
Alix Pitra - French Teacher
Alix Pitra
French Teacher
Room: 1606
Jennifer Vargas - Spanish Teacher
Jennifer Vargas
Spanish Teacher
Room: 1605
Birgit Weeks - German Teacher
Birgit Weeks
German Teacher
Room: Traveling
Kathleen Wilke - Spanish Teacher
Kathleen Wilke
Spanish Teacher
Room: 1608

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