Parents/guardians can EMAIL or CALL to report your student’s absence. All absences must be reported within two days or they may remain unexcused. Students cannot write their own notes or report their own absences, even when they are 18 years or older.


Include the student's name and grade level in the subject line. Provide the reason for absence and parent/guardian phone number for verification purposes.  Doctor/Dentist/Therapy notes should be turned into the grade level office upon return to school or sent to this email address. We also accept faxes at (513)363-8420.

Phone: Absence Hotline (513)363-8404 

Be sure to include your student’s name (spelling last name), grade level and reason for absence.

*According to the State of Ohio and CPS “family emergencies” or “family events” are considered unexcused absences.         


Tardy students should report to their grade level office with a note from a parent/guardian or a medical/dental/therapy provider school excuse. If students arrive without a note, the parent/guardian should submit the doctor’s note and reason to

Staff will provide the student with a late arrival slip and time stamp. Teachers will change the student’s attendance from U (unexcused) to L(ate). Grade level secretaries will update attendance information according to the note provided.


Planned Dismissal Procedure

Parents/guardians request early dismissal by having the student submit a note to the grade level office or by using the Attendance Email ( in the morning before classes begin. Students will need to pick up an Early Dismissal Pass in the morning from the grade level office that will allow them to leave the building on their own at the time of dismissal. 

Information provided must include the following:

  • Date and student name

  • Reason for early dismissal

  • Time of dismissal

  • Whether the student will be returning to school

  • A telephone number where parent/guardian may be reached for verification

Students who transport themselves or take public transportation must leave the school grounds promptly at time of dismissal. They do not report to the office on their way out. 

Students may not be picked up for early dismissal during lunch or study hall without prior notice. 

*Upon returning, students must get an admit slip to return to class (school excuse notes must be provided from medical/dental/therapy visits and can be turned in, emailed or faxed).

No student will be permitted to leave the school grounds without permission at any time during the school day. Parental permission alone is not sufficient authorization. Students must obtain an official dismissal pass from the grade level office. Violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action.

Unplanned Dismissal Procedure

Parents/guardians will need to enter the Main Office accessible from Blair Circle to request student dismissal. The receptionist or grade level secretary will check photo ID to confirm the person is an emergency contact. If ID is confirmed, the individual will be sent to wait for the student in their car in Blair Circle. If ID is not confirmed, the grade level secretary will contact the parent/guardian for verification.

No student will ever be released to a person without proper identification. It is essential that all people authorized to pick up students be listed as an emergency contact.

No unplanned dismissals can be granted after 2:30PM.


If you plan for your student to be absent all day for a religious holiday, college trip or more than one day, please notify teachers and the Attendance office three days prior to the absent date.  Please provide the reason and dates of the absence. Students are required to get each teacher to sign a Planned Absence Form for approval to make up work they will miss. Credit for make-up work may be denied for unexcused absences or failure to follow procedure. Students can pick up the Planned Absence Form in their grade level office.

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