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Music Parents (WHIP)

WHIP – that’s you! All families of music students at Walnut Hills automatically belong to our music parent booster group, WHIP. We are a fun and dedicated bunch of folks, committed to supporting and supplementing the awesome things that go on in our music programs here at Walnut. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer and participate in our various activities throughout the year – it is a great way to contribute to our success, meet other great parents, and feel like a part of the truly wonderful music community at our school.

“Life without music is unthinkable”. Leonard Bernstein We have an amazingly rich music program here at Walnut – but a musical education is not cheap! The most important resource, of course, is the skill of our teachers and the high caliber of our students. But instruments, repairs, equipment, concert wear, guest instructors, sheet music, workshops, travel, uniforms, sound equipment – these are the ingredients that enable us to bring out the potential of these talented kids to its full extent. WHIP’s mandate is to do everything it can to insure that these resources are made available to them.

Here are just a few of the ways you can get involved:
  • WHIP Meetings:
    WHIP meets once a month throughout the school year, second Mondays, in the Main Building Conference Room. This is a great way to hear about upcoming events, both the ones being planned by WHIP, and all those music class details your kids should tell you about but somehow they don’t manage to.
  • Volunteer:
    There are lots of volunteer opportunities, from fund-raising to concerts to dinners to chaperoning, and more. This is the absolute best way to meet other music parents, and to feel like a part of the Walnut community. And if you want some insight into what the other kids your son or daughter hangs out with are like, you can’t beat a ride on the marching band bus (or any other field trip)! Sign-up here, grab a sign-up form, contact the Music Department or WHIP Officers if you’d like to volunteer.
  • Become a Patron Donor:
    Patron donors support the music department financially through tax deductible donations to WHIP. The Patron Donor fund supplies a large part of the monetary resources which enable WHIP to contribute so much to our music students. Contribution forms are available in the music office, online, or at all or our concerts.
  • Stay Connected:
    We also send out a Music Dept. email newsletter periodically, just to keep you informed on what is going on in the music world at Walnut. This format allows us to keep you up-to-date, provide downloadable documents (permission slips, fundraising order forms, invitations, etc.), and save time, money & paper. (We all know that our children are NOT always the most reliable source of information...). If you’d like to subscribe, send your e-mail address to
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